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Dollar-For-Dollar Fundraising

One Time Fundraiser



Dollar-For-Dollar Fundraising


We'll print up all the $1.00 coupons (good on a regular 12" sandwich only) that your not-for-profit can hand out.

For EVERY SINGLE COUPON that comes into our stores, we will give your organization $1.00.

You have 60 days to pass them out and get out the word. Email us for more details.



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One Time Fundraiser


There are two ways to do a One Time Fundraiser. The first is our 10% of Net Sales Event. Pick a Saturday and then YOU advertise it to anyone and everyone. Come out that day with signs and support and we'll give you 10% of our net sales during a pre-determined time period. The more people you encourage to come out - the more your non-profit makes!

Or, Maybe you're having a carnival or tournament and would rather do a Hoagie Sale Fundraiser on the spot. This is the perfect opportunity to raise some dough for your non-profit organization!

  • Bowling nights
  • Socials & Dances
  • Sporting Events
  • Marching Band competitions
  • Scouts, Princesses and other youth organization's events
  • Fire and EMS open houses

Here's how it works:

  • Arrange a date and time with us, then take orders from your attendees prior to the event. With 24 hours notice, we will have all the hoagies prepared for your event.
  • Estimate your sales (with our help) and we will prepare them for re-sale at your event.

Here's how to increase profits:

  • Steak and Hoagie Factory can increase your profit margin depending on the volume you order.
  • Purchase hoagies at the JUMBO price. Steak and Hoagie Factory will deduct at least $1.50 per Jumbo.
  • We cut them into quarters (our MINI's) and individually wrap them for resale.
  • Sell them at your event and you can make up to a 100% profit!
  • Call your individual store for your best deal.



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Our Reputation is on a Roll...Since 1990

Our Reputation is on a Roll...Since 1990
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