It's Easy

Simply agree to purchase our Signature Rolls and Steaks and Pepsi products for the duration of the agreement and you will obtain rights to The Steak and Hoagie Factory...

   • Logo
   • Menu
   • Management Plan

Also available a la carte*
   • Owner Training
   • Manager Training

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Successful Model

With our successful model, which has been perfected over the past two decades, you will have access to the finest products to create the same wonderful eating experience Philadelphia Suburbanites have come to love!

As our Licensee, we will expect you to conduct an operation which will reflect The Steak and Hoagie Factory model. Your business will be required to be independent of any other operation.** Our reputation demands that!

Contact Dave by email  at for more information. Click here to see the full licensure agreement.



*Available at cost per hour
**Unless requesting a non-licensing agreement which, for a fee, would give you rights to steaks and rolls without obtaining permission to use our Logo.



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